Selection and Approval Process

of the Lella Kids Videos 

Safe Video Pool

The Lella Kids team searches the platforms and channels where children watch the most videos. Accordingly, the videos are scanned and the channels that are deemed appropriate are shared with the team. The team monitors the channels one by one and sends them to the safe video pool.

Psychologist Approved Videos

The video pool of the Lella Kids team is shared with psychologists and submitted for approval. Videos that have been approved and categorized, age entered, and earnings determined are approved for sharing.

Educational and Fun Content

Video values ​are very important, as the most viewed and admired children will have a high impact on children. Therefore, videos are selected in the iSTEAM categories so that they are not only fun but also support the child's future education process.

Parent Reports

In the light of the data obtained, possible interests, possible gains and possible acquired values ​​of children are reported to parent.  We aim to support parent-child communication through our weekend activities which we recommended.