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Kids Video Application Approved by Psychologist


We help to children discover, learn and observe while protecting children from malicious videos.

Lella Kids is a secure video content app for kids. You can download it right away and start protecting your child from bad video content on social media.

Videos Approved by Psychologist

To protect children from the harmful effects of videos, psychologists watch the videos one by one and differentiate them according to age groups.

Parental Report

Children of the age of technology can learn incredible things from videos now! That's why i STEAM and 12 Values ​​Education are all in this app!

Children will learn by watching while having fun.

Educational and Fun Videos

What did your child watch from the videos? What did he learn? What's his interest this week? What can you do with your child at the weekend? We offer answers to all your questions.

Why we Developed the Lella Kids Application?

Children learn great things while watching videos, but after 7 videos, they encounter stimuli that affect their violence and psychology. we provide, videos approved by psychologists to protect kids mental health with the Lella Kids.

Lella Kids Users Reviews


We've always looked for the best for my niece. When I heard that there was an app that provides approved videos by the psychologist, I immediately volunteered for the test app. My niece is only 2 years old but he is watching a lot of videos. Now we are comfortable and peaceful.

Ayşe Keskin

Aunty of Ahmet, Teacher

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